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Introducing the first certified organic, plant based post-exercise recovery mix flavored exclusively with raw organic cacao.

C12 Recovery is backed by research and is doctor approved.

C12 Recovery is for serious and passionate athletes who care about the ingredients.

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What people are saying about us...

C12 has been a life saver! I recently made a commitment to become more active but the soreness I would have from my crossfit workouts had me dreading my next workout. C12 has been the game changer! Sara
Since I started using C12, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my recovery after work outs. It also tastes delicious, so I look forward to having it! Highly recommend this product. Dallas
C12 continues to aid in my training and recovery process. My ordering could not be easier, and I appreciate he handwritten thank-you I receive when my shipment arrives. I feel as though C12 shares my vision of performance and commitment to success. Kyle
After trying C12 one time I realized this was it! No longer did I cringe to pick up something up from the floor and I was able to perform at the same level again the next day. Thank you C12! Fallon
It's about Athletes, It's About Quality, It's about time
It's about Athletes, It's About Quality, It's about time