Andrea Moller

C12 Recovery Athlete Andrea Moller big wave surfing

Meet big wave surfer and elite level Stand Up Paddler Andrea Moller. Andrea is Carbon 12's newest addition to the Family. Andrea is simply incredible. Her extensive and impressive collection of achievements causes ones jaw to drop with wonder and awe. She is a wonderful human being with a heart of gold and  we are so happy to have her on board.


Breaking Barriers in Bishop

xavior's roof in bishop caNot long ago was my fourth year climbing anniversary and I still feel like I learn something new every time I touch rock. Climbing is a sport, a discipline, and a form of meditation all at once and it can impart lessons that help in all aspects of life.

Thanksgiving to New Years with C12: Happy 2014!

C12 Recovery Drink ReviewWhile I get to start ahead of where I would have been had I not participated in documenting my experiences with C12, somewhere out there a person has made a New Years resolution to get into shape in 2014. One of two possible outcomes awaits this person: #1. They will start working out, training, eating healthy and clean, and not need to make the same resolution for 2015, or #2. They will fall short of getting into shape.

Thanksgiving to New Years with C12: Fire and Life Edition

Last week should have seen a “Week 3” post, and this past Wednesday should have seen a “Week 4” post, updating on my Thanksgiving to New Years fitness crusade. Nature and life, however, had a different plan.

C12 Recovery's Shout out of the week: Jenn Ballesteros of Nitrous Performance

c12 shout out jenn b
This weeks C12 Shout out goes to Jennifer Ballesteros from the Nitrous Performance Clan. Jenn has been a huge C12 supporter since the prototyping days and we can't thank her enough for all the support she has given us.