C12 Recovery's Shout out of the week: Tricia Kelly and Chad Byers

C12 Recovery Tricia Kelly and Chad Byers

Big shout out to Beyond Fit's Tricia Kelly and Chad Byers for being big C12 Supporters. Thank you for the support. It really means a lot to us.

It's a noisy social World these days and it's not easy getting a message out to the right people when you're new. 

Q. So how does one cut through the noise?

A. Give your stuff to the right people and see if they like it.

PRO TIP: Have confidence in your product before giving your stuff to the right people.

Our strategy was and still is pretty simple. Take C12 Recovery and give it away to influential people who take their athleticism and their media presence seriously. It really helps to get confirmation from people you don't know.

C12 Recovery is truly a clean burning product. It's all plant based, organic, and nonGMO.

We had to think strategically about how to market C12 Recovery. I mean, who is going to respect the effort we put into this product? Who's going to resonate with organic, nonGMO, plant based (AKA Vegan)? Who's willing to pay a little extra for the higher quality product?

It's amazing how many people bust their butts in the gym and then pig out on junk afterward.  Chuck and I (Gene) witnessed a post-workout doughnut eating frenzy at one of the local gyms during a C12 visit. It was spectacular to say the least.

Those kinda athletes don't get it and will not understand C12 Recovery or the C12 brand and what it represents. Not our people.

Chad Byers Body BuilderEnter Chad Byers and Tricia Kelly. These hard chargers are the epitome of what inspiration should be and we are proud to call them friends. These two are motivating people on a huge scale and are leading by example. They also thrive on a plant based whole foods diet. No Animals!

We reached out to both Tricia and Chad on Twitter and said, "Hey, do you guys want to try a new post exercise recovery supplement that's nonGMO, Vegan, and made with organic ingredients? Helps with the DOMS!"

Beyond Fit Austin and C12 Recovery DrinkLuckily, they said yes and our fingers were crossed from that point on.

Long story short, positivity starting flowing our way. Both Tricia and Chad had some great things to say and some and a couple additional ingredients that they would like to see in a future formulation.

As a result of their feedback we are working on a new product that we hope to see next year. Think of it as something designed exclusively for the athletes who go heavy in the gym and are looking for more than just reducing the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Another big favorite is the content they post on Vine, twitter, facebook and instagram! That's awesome you two, thank you.

Stay Tuned.

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