Thanksgiving to New Years with C12: Week 2

Moments after saving New York City, and possibly the world, from an alien invasion Tony Stark - exhausted and still in his Iron Man suit - suggests all the heroes head down to a shawarma joint he knows a few blocks away (he must not have known about the 30 minute window to take C12 after a strenuous activity like saving mankind). This is one of the finals moments in 2012’s The Avengers, but unless you wait for the credits to end, you won’t see Stark and the heroes eating their shawarmas in silence inside a little mom ‘n pop restaurant that was visibly affected by the attack on the city.



A shawarma is a decadent meat filled Arabic lunch item that can be compared to the Greek gyro, or the Mexican burrito. It’s definitely not something you should eat on a daily basis when in training, but for a cheat day or when you’re done saving a major metropolitan area from extraterrestrials, eating a shawarma is one way of making it count.


So as the holiday season grinds on and the temptation to indulge lurks around every corner, for those in training it can be a challenge to eat without giving in.


Luckily, C12 Recovery tastes great, and even as a supplement provides a respite from being tempted by holiday meals. C12 is a liquid reward to look forward to on the heels of a hard workout.


Aside from all the fruit I’m consuming daily, the C12 drink is probably the sweetest thing I’m putting in my body right now; for those of you who know me well, “no, I have not had any pumpkin pie since before Thanksgiving.” As documented by others, C12 has a nutty and chocolatey flavor on it’s own when mixed simply with water.


As a trusting non-conformist, I’m taking those who mix C12 with water at their word. Instead I’ve branched out and started mixing C12 with various liquids I think will taste good. Here’s what I have to report of my unofficial taste-tests on a scale of “Meh” to “Super Yummy:”


Super Yummy: C12 with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods brands work equally well). This is the mix that in last week’s blog, I said tasted like a liquid brownie.


Just OK: C12 with coconut water. Not as good as I expected this combo to be, which caught me off-guard.


Yummy: C12 with Honest Tea’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea. Mint with chocolate is always a great combo, each flavor helping to balance the other out. Better than I expected.


Meh: C12 with organic carrot juice. Taste-wise, way too sweet, but if you’re looking for a great post-workout vitamin delivery system, this is a great way to go.


Quite Alright: C12 with equal parts organic carrot juice, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and coconut water. After one workout I had just enough left in each drink container to make this concoction. Different, but adding something else to combat the sweetness of the carrot juice was a good call. A bit contrived, so not deserving of “Yummy” status.


Super Yummy: C12 with Guayaki’s Raspberry Terere. Talk about a delicious kick in the pants. Not only will this get C12 to your muscles, but it’ll rev you up for hours of post-workout errand running, laundry folding, or talking faster if you have a story to tell. This is by far my favorite mix, but not recommended if your workout ends any time after 6pm: it’ll be hard to get to sleep.


I’ve also thrown in powdered turmeric into the “Super Yummy” mix of just the vanilla almond milk. Turmeric is a natural healing root with anti-inflammatory properties, which is said to relieve soreness in joints and muscles. I’ve mixed in as much as a teaspoon at a time, which gives the liquid brownie flavor a much more earthy taste.


I’m really starting to see how C12 helps me recover and I’m glad that I can have fun changing the taste depending on how I’m mixing it. Today I weighed in at an even 170 pounds, which is two pounds lighter than last week. I am, however, going to pass on my shirtless “progress” photo this week because I’ve been fighting a cold and it was too cold for taking shirtless pics in my kitchen this morning. The fact that C12 is helping me recover from my workouts quicker means my immune system has more help fighting off this bug that seems to be going around.


Even with this cold of mine, haven’t missed a day of working out (climbing, kettlebells, swimming, etc.) since starting my Thanksgiving to New Years workout program. While I’ve scaled back my intensity over the past few days because I haven’t been feeling well, I’m starting to feel like a superhero ready to face Christmas and New Years as they draw closer. It might not be like facing an alien army flying down from outer space through a wormhole in the sky, but in a few weeks I feel like I’ll be deserving of a delicious shawarma for conquering the end of the year. Unlike Tony Stark, however, I’ll know to chug my C12 between working out (or saving the world) and that next well-deserved meal.


See you in a week!


-by Gabriel Skvor


PS Your parting shot this week is of the kettlebells I use at home... and my feet:

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