Thanksgiving to New Years with C12: Happy 2014!

Gabe climbs with C12 RecoveryMy "Thanksgiving to New Years with C12" fitness experiment is over.


While I get to start ahead of where I would have been had I not participated in documenting my experiences with C12, somewhere out there a person has made a New Years resolution to get into shape in 2014. One of two possible outcomes awaits this person: #1. They will start working out, training, eating healthy and clean, and not need to make the same resolution for 2015, or #2. They will fall short of getting into shape.


For person #2, I hope you find inspiration from outside sources – friends, family, CT Fletcher youtube videos – and from inside your heart and soul. Being fit, being healthy isn’t a weekend retreat and it’s not something you’ll ever all of a sudden be done with. No matter your sport or training regimen, there should never be a feeling of satisfaction or comfort; because once one goal is achieved another should be sought immediately after.


For person #2, I hope that falling short of fitness goals isn’t because of the “it’s too hard factor,” or other limitations set by the mind. When the body hurts, when muscles ache, I know that it seems counterintuitive to get back into the gym, the pool, or on the track and try to break through that pain and get to the next level, but that’s where the gains seem to come from. If pain is a detractor, please know that it doesn’t last and can be lessened by fueling properly before and after working out.


C12 Drink ReviewsAnd this is where C12 Recovery Drink steps in.


Traditionally, during the holiday season – between Thanksgiving and New Years – I am a glutton who goes through mild depression that ends promptly on January 2nd. Typically, I gain weight, lose strength and endurance, make excuses, and eat much too much pumpkin pie.


This year, with the help of C12 Recovery, I bucked my personal trend and won’t need to shed extra weight and ultimately “get my groove back” in the New Year. I was curious, and wanted to see if a company I was writing for was making a product that worked. Luckily, my curiosity was rewarded, and after a solid month of using C12 Recovery immediately after workouts, I can thankfully endorse a product that works.


Today I weighed in at a weight of 170 pounds; down 3 pounds from Thanksgiving. While, C12 isn’t intended as a weight loss supplement, if you’re cross-training, not lifting heavy, and not eating to get big, it stands to reason that if you’re working out there is potential to shed weight.


As thankful as I am for the 3 pounds lost, I’m more thankful for the ease in which I was able to shift from one workout to the next because of taking C12 during these five weeks of training during the holidays (save the week of the Pfeiffer Fire and my friend’s dog dying).


That said, my only resolution – that I will admit to or share in public – is to keep using C12 Recovery. If I’m using C12 that means I’m working out and training, which means I’m eating clean and healthy, which means I’m planning on incrementally raising my ceiling for what it means for me to be in shape.


Thank you, C12 Recovery!


-by Gabriel Skvor

 Gabe Skyvor of C12 Recovery


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