This New Juice Offering Amazing Results in Cancer Patients

Something very interesting has popped up on my radar that will have you feeling great for less than $1.53/ Day.

If you travel south of the boarder into Tijuana Mexico, you'll find a unique hospital with a special license that's helping cancer patients live longer.

This license permits the Hospital to conduct cancer research while administering proven cancer treatments not permitted in the United States and patients are coming here from all around the World. 

I've always been a firm believer of western medicine, but when it comes to cancer and our western treatments, I start to get nervous.

Have you seen what radiation and chemotherapy...

C12 Recovery now in stock at The Treadmill in Carmel

C12 Recovery now sold at the treadmill carmel caIf you live on or near the Monterey Peninsula and you are a runner then you've probably been to the Treadmill in Carmel.

The Treadmill is the number one go to running store on the Monterey Peninsula and for good reason. Despite having the latest shoes, gear, gadgets, classes, seminars, supplements, and best customer service, the store's CEO/owner Chris Cleary, is the most avid and enthusiastic community outreach person we have ever met. This guys spends all his free time cultivating...

Carbon 12 Achieves Organic Certification for their First Production Run of C12 Recovery Drink

Monterey, California -- An upstart in the nutritional supplement business, Carbon 12 announced today that it has just received organic certification in anticipation of its first large scale production run of a nutritional supplement designed to accelerate muscle recovery.  Carbon 12 Recovery drink is a scientific blend of carbohydrate and protein that is designed to help refuel tired muscles after athletic exercise, taking advantage of the body's natural "anabolic window".X

Wildflower Triathlon 2014 Results

C12 Recovery is a great product for endurance athletes and that's probably why endurance athletes happen to be our biggest customer base.

I'm taking a stab at this but the reason they like so much is probably because C12 Recovery works, tastes good, contains NO SOY, Gluten free, NONGMO, ORGANIC, Vegan, reduces sore muscles, allows you to squeeze in more training days, keeps you're muscles fueled and gives you an edge over the guy or gal sitting at home on the couch whining about sore muscles.

Anyway, A couple of us C12ers had an opportunity to train with the Treadmill...

Lucas Rocha Takes Silver at Las Vegas Spring International Open IBJJF Championship

Luas Rocha Gracie Barra Arcadia 2014 Vegas IBJJF
We just got word that C12 Brazilian Jiujitsu athlete Lucas Rocha took home the Silver Medal this past weekend in his division at the 2014 Las Vegas Spring International Open IBJJF Championship.X